CRAZY weather here!  rain, rain.  Then, while we were socializing in downtown Ft. Myers, attending our sailing club Change of Watch Dinner, my husband's cell phone kept buzzing.

Weather alert - TAKE COVER.   crazy, indeed.  We all looked out the windows overlooking the river and noticed blinding cracks of lightening and rain.

NEXT - one of our tenants called and said her house was HIT.  The microburst, or tornado, or whatever you call it - blew out all her car windows while it sat in the driveway.  The 3 large trees on our property all fell down.  The largest one in the backyard fell into the screened lanai.  They whole area lost power.  We imm. called her back to ask if she, her Mom, and her dogs were OK.  Thank God, they were.  Next, was there water leaking into the house?  NO.  Again, we gave our praises to God.

After the ceremony and dinner, we hustled out to drive over to our rental home and assess the damages.  BUT, all the roads leading there were closed.  Police and emergency vehicles were EVERYWHERE.  Very scary.  We couldn't get close to our house.

The local news did get behind the roadblocks and showed much damage, including an overturned car, and my husband thinks the shot of the tree falling into the lanai might be our house?

Pouring rain again now, so after church, we'll try to get over there. Highly unusual weather for January in tropical SW FL.   Will keep you posted.