Last weekend, march 19th and 20th, I participated in the Leukemia-Lymphoma Regatta in Charlotte Harbor.  

Sponsored by the Isles Yacht Club, this event raised over $20,000 for research into blood cancers.

Being a two-time survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, this event is always a favorite of mine.

windy City (me) raised over $1100 towards the cause.  There have been several new drugs that got FDA approval in the past five years...  maybe one of them will save me, too?

Strong winds Monday from the north had me screaming home!  We SAILED west across the bay, then south on the ICW, east thru the "miserable mile" and finally had to start the engine by Shell Point.  EXCELLENT day of surfing down 2-3' waves!!

WOOHOO!  Life is good in Sw Florida, indeed.