Looking back over the past week of Hurricane Harvey’s visit, SW Florida fared rather well. 

 Considering we had 16.7” of rain last Friday through Sunday, we had little flooding except near the Ten Mile Canal.  It overflowed it’s banks, spilling water into some manufactured homes and trailer park communities  in South Ft. Myers.

Here in Cape Coral, where we boast over 400 miles of canals; we got some flooding on the roads.  Since we live on a huge drainage system, water rose in our canals instead of running through our houses.

Our soil is basically SAND, so the water drains rapidly here.   I did hear of a few seawalls collapsing due to the sudden amount of rain.

Other communities like Three Oaks got 11.4” and Lakes Park got 11.2”.  Our private airport, Page Field, recorded the worst of it.
We are keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Irma.  Praying for just some rain….