When you go through the process of getting organized, you can eliminate items from your home - and that clears clutter.  That is one of the first things I recommend to my sellers.  Potential buyers can THEN see what makes your home special and different from others.


Here are 4 tips to help you jump start the process:


1.  Sort piles of belongings into 4 groups:  Keep, Give away, Maybe, and Trash.


2.  Give yourself plenty of time.  When it comes to sorting through personal memorabilia, it will take much longer than you think!


3.  Store items in clear plastic bins.  This let's you have a quick look inside.  If you use cardboard boxes, label each one clearly with a marker.  Clear out paper:  magazines, documents, receipts, etc.  Shred sensitive documents and recycle what you don't need.


4.  DO IT NOW!  As soon as you finish reading this, go schedule a time on your calendar to begin.


REMEMBER:  do not be overwhelmed.     How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.       Go now, turn off this computer....  go BITE some organization.

Then, call me to help you get TOP DOLLAR when you sell!

Captain Diane Fowler, GRI, CRS, e-Pro
Sellstate Priority Realty Network     AND
Massey Yacht Sales