Funny thing about being a Realtor - we get paid a % of the sales price, so we  WANT folks to get a high price.  But, sometimes, when I initially meet with a seller, I do not feel the price THEY want is very realistic...  and I walk out.

Such was the case in September, when a freind from my sailing club called me over.....  I walked out....  they listed with another agent (boo - hoo), and guess what??    THEY JUST WENT UNDER CONTRACT!!

Folks - reality in FL -  LOW  inventory - HIGH demand  = SALES PRICES INCREASING!!   Canadians are booked to come visit!  Europeans are coming!  10,000 Americans per day RETIRE and many want to enjoy our sunshine! 

For your sake, do not delay your purchase!  If you are buying a place for PRIMARY HOME - you need to close by 12-31 to qualify for the HOMESTEAD exemption for 2013.

I"m here to help make your dreams  REALITY!  Call anytime...  I am in town!

Captain Diane

S/V  Windy City

Sellstate Realty

cell    239-850-4935