Yes, it's hard to believe, but at the tender age of 21, having just graduated from college with a degree in Marketing, I began my real estate career in Schaumburg, IL.  My original goal was to become an Account Executive with a major advertising agency downtown Chicago (think MadMen).  However, the folks there wanted me to have a Master's Degree, so I needed another option that I felt would be rewarding.

REAL ESTATE!  Unlimited income, no set hours, no office to report to daily to sit under the flourescent lights.....  sign me up.

Last May, I celebrated my 40 years of service, by throwing myself a party!  It was a lot of laughs and shared memories with my Florida clients.  Since they did know me when I lived in IL, I had photos of me receiving awards with David Liniger, the founder of REMAX.  Remember BIG HAIR in the 80's?  Fun to look back.

In 1977, before computers, I bought a notebook and recorded every transaction.  I still have this notebook and still WRITE down every transaction.  Who knew this would become a book of memories.  As I looked over the history, what struck me the most, was remembering whypeople needed me.  Some were growing their families and needed more bedrooms.  In IL, this was the majority of my clients, and I watched their children grow up.  I helped some families move two and three times.  Many of the families got transferred around the country because they were climbing the corporate ladder.  Several of my clients got divorced, some married, some fell in love with someone in another town, and needed to sell.  Some were unique:  the couple who had a pet monkey, the lady getting divorced who was inappropriately touching her attorney under the closing table, the seller who had seizure disorder and died at her kitchen table with the closing papers sitting next to her.   Several of my recent clients met through online dating sites.   Ah, the memories came flooding back.

People ask me, "When are you going to retire?".

My answer, "Why would I do that?"  I have so much fun meeting new people and I love being the problem solver. So, while I am physically and mentally able....  I AM HERE FOR YOU.  Your Realtor for life!

God bless your day and please feel free to contact me anytime.