Just read a great article about saving $$$  on granite countertops for your home.  We replaced our dark Corian 2 years ago with light, swirly, gold-n-cream granite.  We love it; but I could have saved money if I read this article first!  My small granite instsaller was a joy to work with; and he sent me to 3 granite yards to pick out my slabs.  WE BOUGHT 2 FULL SLABS.   Just learned that if we would have gone to a "big box" store, they only charge for the ACTUAL square feet you use!  For some folks, this could be a HUGE savings!  For example:  if you need 63 square feet, and 1 slab =  50 square feet, my way - you would have A LOT of left over granite that you paid big money for!  Big box store way - limited selection- but much lower price.  We had our scraps made into our backsplash (due to hubby and I disagreeing about tile to put there) and a small table for the patio.  Also, ask the salespeople, in a nice way, if they are having any sales upcoming in the next few weeks.  Who wouldn't wait 2 weeks to save 10-15%, right?  OK, off to make some calls....  enjoy your week - leaves are changing!!  Captain Diane in the Smokys