Boy, sometimes you just can't catch a break!

Last Saturday, we had a club race planned in the Gulf, just off the fishing pier on Ft. Myers Beach.  Crew was lined up, my bottom scraped squeeky clean on Thursday, and sandwich meat all packed next to the beer.

THEN - winds predicted to be 25-30 knots!  rats!  Racing committee cancelled our race Friday.

So, we make the best of things....  Saturday, I went to the farmer's market, the gym, and visited a past customer to see their new baby and oogle over the changes they have made to their house.

today, I planned a quick sail up the river with south winds.  RATS again!

wind was predicted to be ZERO at 3pm.  ZERO!  I have never seen Sailflow predict that!

Otherwise, it was a beautiful day in Sw Florida!  72, sunny, and NO WIND!   Great weather if you want to take your flats boat out to roar at 30 MPH, right?

I guess every boater has their day....