Friday morning, my husband, my doggie, and myself headed out in our sailboat for another adventure.  Our sailing club had an event planned at Pelican Bay  (in Cayo Costa).  

The weather was perfect!  70 at night and high 80's in the daytime.  Unfortunately, we had to motor most of the way - but did enjoy a little sailing for about 2 hours.

The choices for boating here is FABULOUS.  We feel so blessed to be able to LIVE HERE.  Between the ICW, the Calosahatchee River, and the Gulf of Mexico, there are hundreds of "nooks and crannies" waiting to be discovered.

BEST PART?   I found the lowest priced GULF ACCESS single family house in town!  Guess how much?


Just $184,900!   Then, you, too, can keep your boat in the backyard and GO when you want. 

Hope to see you in the sunshine soon