One of my past customers emailed a man they just met a church.  He CC'd me:

Hi Doug, hope all is well with you. 

    Diane and hubby Ray have been friends for years.

She is a deeply Christian lady (and lives it).  She is totally reliable and honest  and very sharp. We highly recommend her to you for any RE needs. 

    She sold us property when we first moved to Cape and we turned a very nice profit.

    She is the best I have ever dealt with (I'm 83 and have bought and sold lots of RE).     .

  Also Di is a winner. Winning SW Fl. sail boat racer  , golfer and all round achiever and result getter.

 You can trust her to get the best deal for you. She has been in RE for many years and really knows this area.

 You can put yourself in her hands with confidence.  Di primary  interest is in long term customer satisfaction and friendship.

Our best to you. Hope things work out  for you guys.

John & Suzanne Hodes