There were 17 named storms in 2017, 10 of which became hurricanes, and 6 of those reached Category 3.  This classifies them as MAJOR Hurricanes.   NOAA has a website to SEE the storms:

How did Cape Coral come out?  GREAT!  Our city was poised for the worst of Hurricane Irma on September 10, 2017.  Irma made landfall in Marco Island as a Category 3 and proceeded to track NW to the east of Cape Coral as a Category 2.  Most of our damage was downed trees, fencing, pool enclosures and roofing.

Most of the city lost electricity for a few days (but not all - my electricity NEVER skipped a beat).  The city's water and sewer utility system maintained services.  The biggest casualty came from the tidal effect of the hurricane - sucking the water from the canals and causing many seawalls to collapse.  Homeowners discovered their insurance doesn't cover seawalls, so many are having to come up with $20-25,000 for repairs.

Most important is that there was no loss of life in Cape Coral.  Most of our citizens evacuated (I went to WI and IL to visit family) and went to shelters.

The beauty we live with on a daily basis more than outweighs the minor inconvenience of a storm!

Today is 82 in day, sunny, and 62 at night.  My electricity bill is super low; as I have neither heat or air conditioning on.  LOVE CAPE CORAL!